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Copper Wire Drawing Machine manufacturers

Тема в разделе "Новости", создана пользователем ddwwppyy1, 24 май 2019.

  1. ddwwppyy1

    ddwwppyy1 Пионер

    24 май 2019
    LISTRONG-9D+WF800 copper rod breakdown machine
    LISTRONG offers a wide range of wire drawing machines. Copper rod breakdown machine is one of the most important machines in wire & cable production. LISTRONG-9D+WF800 copper rod breakdown machine is suitable for inlet dia. 8mm/max, outlet dia. 2.2-3.2mm. It is a high-speed copper rod breakdown machine with 4 drawing capstans and 1 final fixed speed capstan sliding drawing.
    Application: Copper rod breakdown from inlet dia. 8mm/max to outlet dia. 2.2-3.2mm.
    Main components of machine:
    Serial No. Item Name Qtty.
    1 Pay-off stand 1 set
    2 9D Main drawing machine 1 set
    3 Tension controller 1 set
    4 WF800 drop coiler 1 set
    5 Electrical cabinet 1 set
    6 Pointing machine 1 set
    7 Spare parts 1 set

    Model: LISTRONG-9D+WF800 copper rod breakdown machine
    Serial No. Item Description
    1 Inlet dia. φ8mm
    2 Outlet dia. Φ2.2-φ3.2mm
    3 Max. drawing times 9
    4 Drawing speed 6~10m/s
    5 Drawing capstan dia. φ450mm, φ288mm
    6 Lubricating and cooling mode Spraying and semi-soaking
    7 Mode of transmission Precision gear drive
    8 Take-up capstan Φ800mm
    9 Capacity of take-up 1500KG/max.
    10 Bearing NSK & SKF
    11 Drawing capstan Bearing steel
    12 Motor of drawing 160kw
    13 Motor of take-up 15kw
    14 Weight of machine 11500kg
    15 Overall dimension 7500*1710*1360mm
    Our copper rod breakdown machine offers the flexibilities to our customers. Online continuous annealing is an option. This machine can also co-operate with varieties of take-up machines, such as single spooler, dual spooler with auto changeover devices, and drop coiler.

    Q: Is the LISTRONG-9D+WF800 copper rod breakdown machine with continuous annealer?
    A: No. Online continuous annealing is an option as per client’s requirement.
    Q: What kind of take-up device for the copper rod breakdown machine?
    A: For copper rod breakdown machine, usually two types of take-up devices: drop coiler and spooling machine. WF800 Drop coiler can take the wire into coils and Dual spooler for winding wire on 630mm/500mm spools, pneumatic bobbin loading and unloading, automatic wire-change after reaching setting meter value.
    Q: What should be paid attention to when using the copper rod breakdown machine?
    A: 1. The installation of copper rod breakdown machine should be solid and stable, and keep the horizontal position;
    2. The machine shall have a reliable foundation and leave space for storing raw material and products beside the machine.
    3. Ensure smooth lubrication system before processing, check the status of drawing lubricant, and check whether there is any foreign matter and impurity, etc., and replace in time if there is deterioration.
    4. Operators must follow the operation rules and make sure the safety.
    5. The finished products should be piled up after operation, the site should be cleaned, power supply should be cut off, switch boxes should be locked.

    Packaging details: wooden box, PE film, wooden/steel pallet.
    Delivery Time: within 60 working days after confirming the order of the copper rod breakdown machine.
    Copper Wire Drawing Machine manufacturers

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