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Solvent Based Cleaner factory

Тема в разделе "Пионерские песни", создана пользователем dddbbby, 3 апр 2019.

  1. dddbbby

    dddbbby Пионер

    3 апр 2019
    1026 as a special formula environmental cleaner for metal cleaning, its main ingredients are high purity alkane hydrocarbons.

    Appearance:Transparent colorless liquid
    Density:0.69 (20℃)
    Water solubility:indissolvable
    Evaporation rate (BuAc=1.0):0.70
    Vapor Pressure(20℃,KPA):0.5
    surface tension(20℃,dyne/cm):23
    Total aromatic content % weight:<0.02

    Uses / Advantages:
    1. 1026 cleaning fluid is suitable for extensive metal and precision cleaning. For example: iron, steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other metal processing parts and plastic oil stains, cleaning without spot stains and anti-rust effect.
    2. Excellent chemical safety, thermal stability and service life.

    1026 contains no chlorides and low aromatic hydrocarbons, and its acute toxicity, oral toxicity and inhalation toxicity are extremely low, accord with the labor hygiene safety regulations.

    As 1026 does not contain any halogen content, accord with the environmental protection requirements of REACH and RoHS.
    According to the current legislation, 1026 waste can be burned, decomposed into harmless substances, will not pollute the environment and meet the requirements of ISO14000.

    Multi-channel ultrasonic cleaning equipment, drying equipment.

    200L/ barrel or according to customer's requirement.
    Solvent Based Cleaner factory

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